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Growing up in the shadow of a giant can leave you wondering

"How will I measure up?"

The Quest for Legitimacy provides you with a framework, guidance, and the support of a community of like-minded people to help you understand the impact you can have on the world and the agency for you to take action! 

Guiding the Rising Generation of Prominent Families

The Quest for Legitimacy is a personal development program that will help you to navigate the unique struggle of growing up in a prominent family. 

This prominence may be in the form of a significant family member, a business, wealth, or reputation, but can create a unique pressure to live up to the accomplishments of your predecessors.

You might feel isolated, but you are not alone. Join others just like you and become a part of a global community of next generation leaders eager to discover their own legitimacy: The Rising Generation.

Growing Up in the Shadow of a Giant Brings Unique Challenges

The Quest for Legitimacy is the result of global research led by clinical psychologist, Dr. Jamie Weiner, and family business adviser, Russ Haworth

Their research sought to understand the lived experience of those growing up in the Land of Giants.  

The conversations that resulted uncovered shared experiences, obstacles, and aspirations. 

The Quest for Legitimacy gives you a path to follow throughout your life to pursue your purpose and meaningfully contribute to your family and the world around you.

Dr. Jamie Weiner

Jamie is the founder of The Quest for Legitimacy. He is also the Author of the book of the same title, published by Wiley Publishing in summer 2022.

Jamie is passionate about making a difference and is inspired to do more around this as a result of the successful launch of RISE in Oxford in July 2023.

Russ Haworth

Russ is Director at The Quest for Legitimacy and has played a key role in the organisation since its beginning, working alongside Jamie during the research.

Russ is motivated by the impact that the application of the research can have in the lives of those that embrace the experience of RISE.

Kim Schneider-Malek

Kim is a an essential member of The Quest for Legitimacy team and draws on her experience as a second generation family business consultant.

Kim is a strong advocate for experiential learning and loves working with cohorts of enthusiastic and energised people.

The Quest for Legitimacy

How Children of Prominent Families Discover Their Unique Place in the World


Jamie brilliantly shares the findings from his research through the use of storytelling in his book, published by Wiley Publishing. 


The book offers readers the opportunity to understand the lived experience of those growing up in prominent families and creates a language that is easy to grasp, allowing more meaningful conversations to be held within families. 

The RISE Experience

The team offers an in depth personal development program that will help you navigate your personal Quest.  

We will guide you through the action steps needed to uncover your true path and understand the impact you can have in the world. 

We are also available to deliver workshops, ‘Meet the Author’ dinners, keynotes and adviser training. 

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